Friday, October 12, 2012


If I was to go crazy
Now what would you do?
Would you bury me down?
Would you bind me with glue?

Would you tie me to a chair,
Send out for help,
Sedate me with drugs,
Beat me like a Whelp?

Would you sit down
Just to talk?
Chat with me,
Go for a walk?

None of the above.
That's what you'd do.
Because stuck in your mind
it's just you, you, you.

Don't think its true?
Think its a lie?
Take a look again.
But that's something you'd never do.

-Allison Carlson 2011

Simply Life

Nothings wrong,
But nothings right either.
I tried being strong,
and I failed.

Its really not your fault,
I did this to myself.
My heart is like a vault;
Hard, untrusting and, scared.

Always wishing;
A different face, a different life.
Always missing,
The fun, the meaning.

I'm covered with muck,
From betrayal and hatred.
I've been stuck,
Between you and a hard place.

If you don't try,
You can never win.
You can't just cry,
Even though you feel like it.

The cards are down,
The pieces are gone.
You got out of town,
Nothings wrong.

- Allison Carlson 2011